Michael Pajon

Palimpsest: New Collages, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Opens February 7th, 2015 Official reception March 7th, 2015


Many people ask me if these are cut by hand or made on a computer, until they see them in person in can be hard to tell that everything is original and cut by hand. The materials range in date from the 1880's-1950's roughly. I use playing cards, calling cards, prescription labels, postcards, scientific manuals, text books, matchbooks, children's book illustrations, hand written ledgers, old how to manuals like; popular mechanics, Home Improvements, Railroad Illustrated, and old broadsheets just to name some of the kinds of ephemera that inspire the work.

Myth is…a palace,
truth without fact.
Myth is birth and pleasure, teeth and death,
sharp shiver of that which is broken.

Excerpt from The Book of Failed Descriptions, By Tod Marshall

For it is in this myth-making that truths can be found, and it is in death that we return to the earth, the final truest act we will make. These collages are the headstones of the forgotten and the discarded, reliquaries, suspending that notion of death and the unknown, replacing it with myth and story, scrolling narratives of American fable and folly, painted in torn ticket stubs and moth eaten medical manuals.