Michael Pajón

****FLASH SALE*** All prints of 'Minor Infestation' $500.00 through the New Year! Signed and numbered edition of 10 prints

Hey y'all I'm really excited to share this project that I'm launching in collaboration with JFG Gallery and Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative or (JPNSI).

Release of Debut, Limited Edition, Charitable Print
Proceeds benefit JPNSI

JFG proudly announces the debut series of limited edition prints made from the original collages of gallery artist Michael Pajón. The first of its kind depicts Minor Infestation which was exhibited in the artist’s solo show earlier this year “Ex Libris”. With an image of home in the background of the work, it is only fitting that proceeds benefit Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI). Twenty percent of the proceeds for this, and all forthcoming series of prints, will be donated to a respective charitable organization.

The edition begins at $1,000 and you may contact Matthew (reply to this email) to purchase Minor Infestation, 2017. Archival Inkjet Print. 40 x 33 inches. Edition of 10.

Pajón says of this newfound activist pursuit . . . My process as an artist is largely a solitary one, which can make me unavailable to interact more closely with the city that inspires and supports me. I am often approached by local organizations to donate a piece as a fundraiser item. At times the auction model doesn't do well to support the organization or the artist as the work is typically sold for far below its value. In an effort to better support community development organizations, I am rolling out a series of prints in the next year that allow JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY and me to sell the art ourselves and donate proceeds to the partner beneficiary. In this way, we can highlight and better financially support the work of organizations that take on the incredible, difficult task of making New Orleans a better place to live.
The first beneficiary of this series is Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI). I was first introduced to their Community Land Trust model through a teach-in JPNSI provided after a play at the Shadow Box Theater a few years ago. The presentation spoke deeply to me. Since relocating to New Orleans in 2009, I had watched rents and home values skyrocket and displace long-time residents. I believe the work JPNSI has done and continues to do, combatting the pervasiveness of illegal Short Term Rentals, fighting for fair housing and tenants’ rights, is advocacy our community in New Orleans desperately needs.