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Hands Remember What the Heart Forgets
Hands Remember What the Heart Forgets
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Cover
13 x 10

Champagne bubbles and a crescent moon float beyond an open hand pierced thru by a fierce bejeweled dagger. Struck through the lifeline, the hand was taken from an advertisement for a book on palmistry; there are moments that cut through us so deeply that we think we’ll never be the same again. Finding love can be akin to luck and often requires a leap of faith. Thom Yorke wails on Fake Plastic Trees, ‘if I could be who you wanted…all the time’ and Neko Case exclaims on I’m an Animal, ‘I do my best but I’m made of mistakes’. The baggage we all come with can keep us from making connections, and at times we lose sight of what makes us unique as we strive to change ourselves, bending toward that flame. The mistakes, compromises, and connections are worth the scars, for the revelry and fire that makes love so mystical and intriguing is the thing that consumes us, strikes us, and entices us. This piece is for the lovers and hopeless romantics. Their are vines that creep through us deep into the chambers of our hearts to mend what seems to break so easily.