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collage, pajon, print, mythology, antiquarian, victoriana, epic, allegory, vanitas, death, skull, landscape, etymology, natural history, anatomy, danse macabre, memento mori
Roll Again! There is Blood Upon the Serpent's Road
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Covers
10 x 26in

Game boards and gaming interest me greatly as a tool for socialization but also as a reflection of life. Board games are central in building communication skills with your peers as a child, but often come with a strict set of rules. Everyone ends up with their own way about handling the rules, they create house rules as an interpretation of the games actual rules to encourage more casual play, others treat the rules in a much more strict manner. In life however, though there are countless rules as we often find in casual gaming experiences someone always cheats. The playing field is almost often never flat, but a serpentine road that can be at times treacherous to navigate. Along the Serpent’s Road things may appear tempting at times, glossy signage paving each space from the tail to the head offering one any number of things. Along the way a host of characters and game pieces lost, astray, indifferent, and embittered. Some naively cling to the role of the dice they are given instead of making an attempt to skip ahead. They pass once fertile environments being carved up, sold off, mined, pumped and harvested. The noise along the road becomes deafening, making it hard for our players to hear the warnings and read the signs that may lead them astray or take them to victory.