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collage, pajon, print, mythology, antiquarian, victoriana, epic, allegory, vanitas, death, skull, landscape, etymology, natural history, anatomy, danse macabre, memento mori
The Children of Diana Grow Petulant
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Covers
40 x 13in

Diana also known be the Greek name Artemis, is a complex divine figure in mythology. She is the goddess of the hunt, birthing and the moon. These are fitting symbols for the human life cycle as well as the monthly female cycle in relationship to the body and the cycles of the moon. The Diana figure at the far right was taken from a book on human sexuality and the reproductive systems. While most of the information in the book regarding men was very much based in science and fact and when describing function of the male organ little embellishment was found in the writing. However not only does the language shift in regards to the female anatomy but the illustrations make all kinds of references to floral pollination, cycles of the moon and the miracle of life in an almost metaphysical manner.

Diana extends a flow of filigreed blood from her hand, giving her hounds a scent and imbuing them with her strength. One of her children at the far left ahs gotten ahold of her bow and is making lazy attempts to hit something/anything with it. Two of her daughters fight over a starling, Diana’s dominion of the wild causing them to take advantage of their position as her children in a clear abuse of power. It’s a playroom of sorts, but when the wild is your home you protect it as such. A hunter approaches who may not have paid proper respects to the goddess, reminders of those who have crossed her hand in the tree and the overturned skull in the foreground.