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collage, pajon, print, mythology, antiquarian, victoriana, epic, allegory, vanitas, death, skull, landscape, etymology, natural history, anatomy, danse macabre, memento mori
A Song, a Courtship, a Ritual
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Covers
22 x 10in


A three panel triptych was employed here, and shaping the book covers edges to look like windows of a church or chapel or devotional object. The first panel symbolizes birth, the second life/love, the third death/the beyond. Everything in the first panel teems with life, new beginnings, youth and beauty. The two children rush to the adjacent panel where couples dance and drink and dream. Relationships and tensions of life’s emotions ebb and flow here. No doubt the elusive music of youth fills the air with a kind of sweetness. The final panel, the children re-united, there is sadness, but little fear. 2 coins for the boatman’s crossing, candles lit and burial mound decorated. We know nothing but the present and what we glean from the past, the future/unknowable is part of what makes life worth living and what makes our relationship to death so captivating.