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collage, pajon, print, mythology, antiquarian, victoriana, epic, allegory, vanitas, death, skull, landscape, etymology, natural history, anatomy
Of Saints and Serpents
Mixed Media Collage on Antique Book Cover
12 x 15in


This piece is meant to read as a kind of reliquary, the skull of an unknown saint with a golden halo, his/her fate as mysterious as what lies beyond the stars in the heavens. Serpents twist and coil in and out of what remains. Life coiling amongst death, flowers left as offering to those who suffer from life’s many ailments. A flock gathers below amongst the tombstones of the long forgotten, birdsong fills the air like a hymnal despite the fork-tongued devils. A pair of brave and stalwart herons approach to dispatch the serpents infesting the remains of their long lost saint.