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Mr. Morris Stephens Cousin of Grandpa Jacob
Mr. Morris Stephens Cousin of Grandpa Jacob
Mixed Media Collage
5 x 7in


Mr Morris Stephens lead a simple life. He was punctual and often loved spending time in the park feeding the swans.

Ever the bachelor he fawned over his Nephew. One day while spoiling him rotten, he offered to take him to the Zoo. As they approached the gates, in full stride comes a leopard that had recently escaped its handler. He put himself between the Leopard and his nephew to find that, thankfully, the cats claws had been removed from its previous life in a circus.

Morris Stephens sold corsets and other undergarments for a living. On one occasion had a custom corset made for the Madame of a brothel...he would never forget her as she smoked a pipe and had a tattoo of a swallow on her hand.